Trip Projects

So, I narrowed down the projects to take with me during my trip to San Diego on the knit not-quite-entrelac scarf, and to start a new crocheted cowl with the lattice pattern.

I started crocheting even before take-off.  
This is how much I had done by the time I got to Charlotte for a stop-over.  Soon after take-off to San Diego, I crocheted for three hours on the plane.

During the week, I would either crochet or knit, depending on the mood.  I finished the one skein of yarn for the cowl, and would have gone on crocheting if I had brought another skein with me.  I think my tension is getting tight again, since it’s curling at the edges.  Something to work on with the next skein.

On our last night in San Diego, as we sat around the kitchen table chatting, I knitted as fast as I could (which wasn’t very fast) to finish up the skein that I had brought with me.  But with only about three yards left on the skein, we had to turn in for the early morning flight.  I did get a lot done, though.  This will also finish quickly, once I settle down and start up the WIPs again … after I catch up on what went on while I was away.


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