Re-Discovered Doilies

With all this excitement finding a 1916 Needlecraft magazine with patterns for thread crochet, I had to take out my early experiments with threads and doilies, which I had also re-discovered when looking for something else.

I didn’t block them then, because I didn’t know how.  And as I look at them closely now, I see several mistakes here and there.  My tension was also uneven.  Hopefully I’ll do better this time.
Oblong doily – I was crocheting this during a vacation trip.

Blue doily – I tried to finish this before I gave birth to my second son.  I didn’t, and finished it during one of those late-night feedings.

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2 thoughts on “Re-Discovered Doilies

  1. These are beautiful! I recently found a pattern book that similarly rediscovers doilies too. The patterns look the same (or similar) to the old fashioned ones, yet they just used thicker yarn instead of the thread….so they come out like blankets instead of doilies. So neat!

    • Thank you. I just found a magazine from 1916, with doily patterns (see my other post on Vintage Crochet. It’s inspired me to take up crocheting doilies again. Don’t know when I’ll start that, I’ve got a few other projects in mind.

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