Vintage Projects

My mother was working in a community center last year, and in one of her conversations with others, she mentioned that I crocheted and knitted.  One day, a patron came up to her and handed her a box, full of yarn.  It was all mixed up together, with full and partial skeins, odd ends and scraps.

I went through the box and came up with a big shopping bag full of various shades of blue yarn.  I figure I can put a lapghan together with that.

Opening another bag in the box, I discovered this.  I don’t know how long ago this was started, but it had started to yellow with age.

This looks like an unfinished doily.

Taking out the rest of the contents, more treasures came to light.


A join-as-you-go neckline? necklace?  The thread used for this is very fine, though.


The beginning of a … top? Or maybe a border.  Does anybody recognize what it might be?


Another join-as-you-go … looks like a runner or tablecloth

Don’t know yet what I’m going to do with this.  There is extra thread, and it looks like it’s the same one used for all, but there’s not enough to finish all the pieces.  Maybe I can find the same thread and size – DMC 40 – and continue this windmill-looking pattern.

And it looks like WIPs also existed back then!

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8 thoughts on “Vintage Projects

  1. Haha, speaking of WIPs, glad I’m not the only one! And your 3rd pic that you asked about?? It does look like the start of an older peasant top/blouse. ever seen those with the embroidery around the neckline? Sometimes they crocheted the doily like stuff around the neckline too, then attaching a lightweight fabric around it from there. Looks just like that, but then a flowing top from the bottom.
    Great finds! Don’t you love when someone gives you a miscellaneous bag of misfits? Fun, fun!

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