Tin-Foil Hat

I found this posted on Facebook … an Etsy shop (Spindlecat) selling a knitted tin-foil hat, among other things.  Custom-made for you, starting at US$200.


So, I wonder how boxes of aluminium foil it would take to make one of these.  I suppose one would have to pull out a yard at a time, and then crimp it.  But then how many ends would there be?  And will the foil tear?  I just might try a few strips, to see what it’s like.

I wonder if anybody would order or buy one?  It does say it’s to shield brainwaves, but I suppose you could wear it any other time as well.

I’m imagining wearing this on the beach … to catch all those sun-rays … and reflect them back out.  You can’t miss me, in all that crowd of sun-worshippers.

9 thoughts on “Tin-Foil Hat

  1. I’ve written in the idea of modern tinfoil hats into a project of mine which involves aliens and satellites but a total misinterpretation of the tinfoil hat by us (they’re actually happy hats, worn by aliens to signify they’re happy), been trying to figure out the best way to go about it… this is amazing though, wish I could knit :/ hmm

    • You’ve written about tin-foil hats? I’ll check out your blog. I think the price is a little too much – even if it is a one-of-a-kind hat – but you can check out the seller’s site for more ideas. I also thought that you could probably get straw hats, and just paint it a metallic silver paint – may not have the same effect as tin-foil, though. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ooh just gotta get me one of these….might stop the aliens, or big brother or some other conspiracies what not from reading my brain…now where did I put that cash….oh yeah in the same place I keep my bucket of spare time!!!

  3. That’s kind of funny. I mean a few things come to mind, first I laugh, because I can’t imagine someone actually wearing it. Then I analyze it and realize it is interesting and unique. I’ve never seen something quite like it! I would hang it on my wall though. To me, that is more art than anything. It’s kinda cool….but would I pay for it? …eh, probably not. I’m nifty like that and I would probably just figure out how to make one myself. And I don’t know that I would make a hat though..but i could make something cool…knitting with foil…..that’s interesting too……

    • LoL yes I thought it was funny at first too. But when you think about it it is intriguing on how to work with foil. She does issue a challenge in her post. And true, you don’t have to make a hat.

        • Christmas ornaments! what a good idea! I was thinking to start making crochet snowflakes from now, for the Christmas tree this year! hmmmm … tin-foil snowflakes? or maybe just tin-foil stars.

          • Imagine the lights reflecting off of them….how cool would that be?? I might just have to go to the dollar store and pick up some cheap foil to practice with….and figure out how to make the strands. I’ll keep you posted if I come up with something!

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