Jo Hamilton’s Crochet Portraits

Jo Hamilton’s Crochet Portraits

This adds to the discussion and debate on crafters as artists, and their projects seen as works of art.  

I have always thought that crafters are artists.  Whether I liked their craft or not, I can appreciate the creative process and the hard work that goes into making that object.   For example, on the subject of tattoos … I can appreciate and like and wonder at the art work and the process that goes into the design of the tattoo … but I don’t like the “canvas”.  

These crochet portraits remind me of a feature on another artist who used thumb tacks, or push pins, to create larger than life portraits.  Labour-intensive, to be sure.  I cannot imagine working on such a grand scale.  Well, I haven’t really tried, unless giving the house walls a new coat of paint counts.  Sometimes I tease my husband that maybe I should paint a mural on our walls.  That only earns me a severe look from him.  Oh, I digress now. 

Jo Hamilton’s website can be found here.   And be sure to watch the video as well – it’s fascinating. 

(Images courtesy of

In any case, as the article says, crochet isn’t just for grandmothers any more (as I have also been called by hubby – which earns him a severe look from me).  Perhaps some day I’ll start on something a little non-traditional or bigger than an afghan … something else to add to the never-ending to-try list!

What would you make?


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