The Lionheart Project

With the 2012 Olympics starting in several weeks, this traveling exhibit of three massive crocheted lion sculptures will be arriving at the London Natural History Museum just before the start of the games.

The artist is Shauna Richardson, a ‘crochetdermy’ artist, and she has been working on these for the past two years.

The completed exhibit is in a glass enclosed trailer, and began touring on 1 May 2012.

Read all about The Lionheart Project on their site.

(All images (c) by

These larger than life projects are  giving me ideas … perhaps something to work on when I retire?  or start before I retire?  I can even start it now, I suppose.

Now, what should I make?  Something unique … for motif projects maybe a bed of roses, flowers, tumbling blocks … I think that’s already been done  … for something massive like this, hmmm … will have to give this some more thought.

What massive project would you make?

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