SFSO 2013 Update

Well … the only update is that there is still no announcement on the colours for the Scarves for Special Olympics 2013.

But I just called up Coats and Clark, the sponsor of the Red Heart yarns, and they said that an announcement is expected to be made by end-week (which is tomorrow! ).  If not, then early next week.   Keeping my fingers crossed that the announcement is tomorrow!


So, some progress!  I can take out my SFSO project lists again.

List of patterns – check!

List of websites for more ideas – check!

 List of colour combinations – check!






Can’t wait to start ….

My goals for the SFSO 2013:

1)    is to make more than the five that I completed for last year – that should be easy enough;

2)   finish at least two scarves a month – that should give me enough time in between everything else, and have enough to send out;

3)   practise my knitting – so I’m trying out new knitting patterns;  (good luck to me!)

And I’ll be documenting all that here, so stay tuned!


One thought on “SFSO 2013 Update

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