Not Much Done

Another sale … another purchase of sample skeins.

Since I only had two skeins of each colour, I decided to knit a cowl, so that the project would be a good size and not look like it needed another couple of inches or so to look complete.

Rather than casting on and joining to make a round, I crocheted a length first.  Just three chains, then single crochet in the back loops.  It’s much easier to join to make a round, and doesn’t get twisted.  I’ve made several projects before and then joining to make a round, but it always ends up being twisted, sometimes double-twisted.  I always thought learning the Moebius projects would be hard, but I didn’t even have to learn how to do that … I just do it naturally 🙂

After joining to make the round, I picked up the stitches onto the knitting needle.

Not having a particular pattern in mind, I decided on a seed stitch pattern, with alternating colour rows.

Hmmm …. after several rounds, I wasn’t liking how it looked.

I even turned it sideways, to see if the pattern would look any better from that angle.

Still wasn’t liking it.  And so it was frogged.  I’ll have to look for another pattern that will look good with this yarn.  

Not much of a productive hour.  But at least I got to sit for a while and play with yarn 🙂


One thought on “Not Much Done

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