Crochet Guava

Unpacking the grocery bag, I announced to the boys that I had bought guavas. As I turned around holding the guavas, I heard a collective gasp from the boys.

“Mom! Did you crochet those bags for the guavas?” “Are you serious?” “No, really. Did you?”


LoL I think they’re getting used to me and my crochet !


3 thoughts on “Crochet Guava

  1. When I first saw the photo I thought they were pears or nashi fruits as we have those litte baggies around them here. I thought guava fruits were a darker green. Cool though, kids say the most hilarious things.

    • Yeah, we weren’t sure that they were guavas either; they also didn’t smell like guavas. We were told that these were the white lady guavas. I’m surprised that the boys thought they were crocheted, because those are also used for pears here. What’s a nashi fruit?

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