Special Olympics Scarf Project 2013: Maryland and Alaska

After a tiring week of soccer tournaments, water parks, and driving home through a thunder-lightning storm, I’m back. Time to catch up with all the posts that I wanted to do on the road but was too tired to work on.  

One good thing is that I was finally able to start on the scarf project for the Special Olympics.  As of this writing, we have 13 states participating, and about 9,870 scarves to make.  We’re waiting to hear from three other states on what they want to do, so I’m estimating another 2,000 scarves to add to the total.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet those numbers.

Here’s one I started on the drive to the tournament, and finished the next day for Maryland.  Colours are periwinkle and soft white.   

I was planning to make a wavy pattern, but ended up with this instead.  No matter, it looks good, and another pattern to add to the collection.

On the drive back home, I started on one for Alaska.  Colours are blue and gold.


I finished this just before I took the pictures.  

I’ll probably have time to make one or two for each state participating.  The good thing is that there are nine different colour combinations for the scarves, which makes it interesting.  I could even use the same pattern for all the colour combinations, and it would look different.

Come over and and join us – in Facebook –  Knit and Crochet for a Cause, or in  Ravelry –  Special Olympics State Scarf Project group. 




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