KC4-SO: Wide, Narrow and Shrunken

Two more started for the scarf project for the Special Olympics 2013 games.
I found a knitting pattern that intrigued me and the instructions looked easy enough to follow – Hash Marks Scarf from Verdigris Knits, available in Ravelry.   So I decided to start one with West Virginia colours – RH SS Real Teal and Aran.  Picking up knitting needles that looked to be size I (5.5 mm), I proceeded to cast on and followed the pattern.   I know, I should really check for correct size and gauge, etc, but I was too impatient.

I found that it was looking too wide, so I picked up another colour combination – Cherry Red and Grey Heather (for Texas or Utah) – found another set of needles, and started another one.  Now this one is looking like it’s too narrow.  Might have to crochet a border around, when done.  

So I frogged the teal and aran and started over again, this time making it narrower than the first, but a little wider than the red and grey.  I guess I can say that I just knitted a swatch, even though I never consciously start out making one! 

And since I knit slower than crochet, I got tired of knitting – well, maybe because it was midnight – so the next day, I started to crochet another scarf in Royal Blue and Bright Yellow (for Iowa or Kansas).  

Don’t know the name of this pattern – it’s just single crochet then double crochet across; the next row is double crochet in the sc stitch and single crochet in dc stitch.  It’s not the same pattern that I was thinking of, but I continued with it anyway.  It has an interesting pattern and texture to it.  

This scarf started out 60 inches long.  But because of the pattern, the stitches and the tension, it ‘shrunk’ to 54 inches.  Maybe with blocking it’ll grow another couple of inches.  If not, then I’ll add fringes to the ends.

At least I’m starting to make something.

(sorry for photo quality; it’s taken with a phone; will post better pictures when it’s done). 


3 thoughts on “KC4-SO: Wide, Narrow and Shrunken

    • Hi Anne – Sorry for late reply; I’m currently travelling. Info for West Virginia is posted on the Facebook page. I see that you have already been on the page. Did you get the info that you wanted?

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