KC4-SO 2013: Three at a Time

With another soccer tournament and another road trip, I packed up my yarn drum (I’d forgotten I had bought that from Joann’s some time ago) with the colour combinations for scarves. Feeling overly optimistic that I would get a lot of yarn time during the trip, I packed colour combinations for four states – West Virginia, Texas/Utah, Vermont, and South Dakota.


I had started on the hash marks scarf already (see previous post), and since I knit slow, I brought that along to hopefully add more length to it. It’s coming along nicely, although I’ve frogged a couple rows every now and then because I lose count …. But in the process, I discover another pattern so now I can’t wait to start another one with the ‘newly-discovered’ pattern! Here’s what it looks like so far.



Vermont had asked for a combination of black, grey, and white. There’s a Red Heart color Zebra, so I got a skein to try it out. I think the grey is a little too light, otherwise it looks good with this crochet moss stitch pattern. I finished the skein before we reached Virginia, and this is how it turned out. I like how this variegated colors make up a pattern on its own. Although now I have to match the color strands on the second skein, so that the pattern continues. Hope I can do that.


I haven’t started on the amethyst and gold yet for South Dakota. I’m saving that for the drive home and still looking for a nice, easy crochet pattern I can work with. I was thinking of some sort of tapestry moss stitch and have been experimenting on it, but so far it hasn’t turned out the way I like. It might just end up as another moss stitch scarf, but that’s okay … There’s more yarn for other scarves to make !


3 thoughts on “KC4-SO 2013: Three at a Time

    • Hello. It turned out to be a six hour drive to the Virginia tournament and yes, they won yaaayy. Then another three hour drive to Maryland where we are now. Tomorrow we head back home which is another four hours of driving Whew!!
      Maybe I’ll get one of the scarves finished by the time I get home. It’s a hash marks knit pattern.

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