Three Simple Rules

Several titles came to mind when I saw this picture:
1. How to organize your yarn;
2. How to start a yarn stash;
3. How your yarn stash looked like at the beginning;
4. Reasons to buy yarn;

However, as I clicked through to the source and the original posting, I came across this interesting and helpful article on stash acquisition.

Three simple rules.
I already figured them out over the years, and have applied it or a variation of it.  But stated as these three rules, suddenly it all comes together.

But can you keep to those three simple rules?  Or is this YAS (yarn acquisition syndrome) and addiction already too far gone to keep to those rules?

I think I’m still okay …  I don’t like working with all yarns, so my problem isn’t just acquiring for quantity sake.

And instead of the single skein purchase, I now get two or three to try out those new yarns, in all those gorgeous colours.    I make hats and scarves with those.  Quick and easy projects, that hopefully use up the yarn.

I think I know my staple yarns … actually, it’s changed over the years now, specially when I started to move away from acrylics and now work more and more with wool and other fibers … so I might have to rethink that a little more.   Actually, destashing and donating my stashed acrylics has made more room in the yarn closet … hmmmm….

I haven’t found an LYS near me, and I don’t get out to the Joann’s or Michael’s often enough (although yes, there is online shopping, but I like to feel the yarn first), so I think I’m safe from stashing up on discontinued yarns.   And besides, more often than not, I discover the discontinued yarns after they’ve been discontinued, so I end up with only the two or three that I found.

Perfect!  Back to the first rule!   Yep, I’m okay with yarn stashes.

Do you have any other ‘rules’ that you follow?


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