A Noro Win !

I won!
With all the hustle and bustle of travelling for soccer tournaments, this was over-looked! Can you imagine that??

Aaargghh!!!! I can’t believe I over-looked that I won a box of Noro Silk Garden Lite yarn, with a complimentary copy of the premier issue of Noro knitting magazine from Knitting Fever Inc!!  How could I do that?  How could I? I should have been experimenting with this yarn already, trying out a project from the magazine (and most likely frogging it, so that I can try another project!)

I’ve read so much about this yarn, and while the reviews are mixed about working with it and the texture, I love the colours.  It seems as if they asked me personally what colours I want in a yarn, and then made it for me.  LOL  well, maybe not all the colour combinations, but pretty much most of it catches my eyes.   

*sigh* And now I’m going to be on a business trip to the other side of the world, and as much as I think and hope that I will have time to work on some crafting projects when I’m in the hotel room, somehow I know that it doesn’t work out that way most of the time.  I’ve already packed up skeins for the Special Olympics scarf project, as well as some sample skeins of Malabrigos yarn in Ravelry Red, Azul Profundo, and Marigold – oohh, primary colors! – to start up a new project while I’m there.  

Ambitious, aren’t I?  Do I really think I’ll have time to work on anything?


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