Crochet Sightings: TImor-Leste

While on my trip to Timor-Leste, I did manage to work on some of the WIPs that I brought with me.  That was only in the first week.  After that, I would get back to the hotel and after dinner would be too tired or sleepy to pick up a WIP.  Maybe it was the jet-lag catching up on me.

During a trip to their local market, we were almost at the end of the shopping day when we turned into an alley-way lined with bushels of bananas.  As I walked behind and waited for them to finish their purchase, I glanced to the left … and my eyes lighted up.  One of the women sitting behind her stall, and crocheting!  It looked like she was crocheting motifs, and joining them.

Well, of course I had to ask her where she got the thread.  She said in a store ‘upstairs’.  She didn’t know the names – of course, they don’t have names!  they’re just stalls in a long line of stalls.  Anyway, Sheryl kindly led the way ‘upstairs’ which was really just on a higher level, two steps up.  We zigged and zagged, and asked a couple of people where a stall selling thread might be.  Nobody knew 😦  Since it was getting late and the others were hungry and already waiting in the car, we had to give up the search …


It looked like there were enough crocheters out there.  Here is what I found while walking through the market as well – crocheted bags.  Not sure if they were handmade there, or perhaps second-hand donations from others.


And these I found in a souvenir store in one of the restaurants.


And these I sighted during themedical mission to Turiscai that I participated in.


Wished I had had more time to explore, but I do think that crochet definitely thrives in Timor-Leste.


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