A Crochet Treat

Hubby told me we had to go to the bookstore today to pick up some books for his friend.  Big mistake!!  

I love books, even with a Kindle and iPad and online reading ….  But there’s nothing like the smell of the ink and paper and the glossy covers on books, and the sight of piles of books everywhere …  I can easily spend an hour just browsing.  I went from one table or shelf to another to check out all the new releases …  but I had to rush, I couldn’t linger over the books. 

I went over to their magazines section, and found two magazines … only two!?  Maybe all the others had already been taken by other crafters?  Anyway,  for only the second time this year, I treated myself to printed magazines, which I can flip through again and again, then set on my knees while I follow the patterns, trying to keep it from sliding off my knees … 


Oh look … snowflakes!  Do you think they’re trying to tell me something?  Like, ummm … get going with the snowflake project I started over the summer, so that I have enough to hang up on the Christmas tree? 

20121024-174905.jpg    20121024-174921.jpg



The Simply Crochet magazine is from the UK.  They have so many ideas, and eye candy, and stores … That’s why I have to limit myself from buying these magazines … there’s so many things I want to try, and don’t have the time for.  And so many gorgeous yarns that my hands itch to play with …
And I think I found my new projects … crocheted cables, and this striking hat!  I’m just thinking now of all the colour combinations that I can do with this pattern.  Or maybe even a variegated yarn will come out with interesting results.  Hmmm … maybe I can even modify the pattern for a scarf for the Special Olympics project; there’s ten colour combinations I can work with.

20121024-174931.jpg  20121024-174952.jpg

*sigh*  See what I mean?  In my head I already have four or five projects I want to get started on …. 


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