Special Olympics Scarf Project 2013 update: Eight Scarves Finished

Hurricane Sandy was in the forecast last week. Since there was a possibility of being house-bound for a some days, I looked forward to spending some time with yarn and catching up on all the projects.

First up was the Special Olympics scarf project. I was almost done with this one for South Dakota, so I brought it out to work on first.


Taking out all the others, I worked on the finishing touches – weaving in ends, adding fringes, blocking. And when all that was done, the scarves are ready for mailing.

Here’s the complete set I’ve finished so far.  From left to right, scarves for Maryland; Iowa/Kansas; Vermont; Texas/Utah; West Virginia; Arkansas/Ohio; South Dakota; Alaska.

And I’ve surpassed my goal … to make more than the five that I made last year!   Yaaayyy !!

Off to work on the other colour combinations now …
For more information on the Special Olympics Scarf Project, go to the Facebook KC4-Special Olympics page and Ravelry links on the right bar.


4 thoughts on “Special Olympics Scarf Project 2013 update: Eight Scarves Finished

  1. Those are incredible! Where are you mailing them to? I have plenty of left over yarn in different colors from other projects and I didn’t know that the Special Olympics took scarves in colors other than blue and red. I would love to make a few!!

    • Click on the Knit and KC4SO link on the top. You’ll find my other posts on how this started. In summary, Special Olympics discontinued the project, but a group of us wanted to continue to support the athletes, so we contacted the individual states. Since this is not a Special Olympics project, we let the states choose their own colours, and that’s how we ended up with ten colour combinations. If you’re on Facebook or Ravelry, click on the links on the right-side bar. You’ll find the information on where to mail them.

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