In Trouble Again …

It all started with this.

A sample of cadmium yellow to try out a luxury yarn that others have been gushing about. So I cast on stitches to make a cowl or scarf, since I figured that I only had enough yarn for that, and proceeded with a moss stitch pattern all around.

Well, I figured wrong – again.  After I had used up the sample skeins, the cowl wasn’t wide enough. I had misjudged, again, the number of stitches for the length – ok, so I lost count of the stitches – and forgot that chunky yarn would expand the pattern or project. So much to learn still about knitting….

And so I went surfing on the Internet to look for this cadmium yellow. All I wanted was one skein to add to make the cowl wider.  Really.  Only one, maybe two more skeins.  I surfed but all the stores had none of the cadmium yellow in stock.

But then I found this shop – Eat. Sleep. Knit.  They had cadmium yellow in stock … and they had variegated Malabrigo!!  Which was trouble.  Because then of course I had to get some.  I love variegated yarn.  Takes out half the work on changing colours and colour patterns and sequences.

I settled for these gorgeous colours – SM Gold and Loro Barranquero.  They look similar.  But those were the ones that were catching my eyes each time I looked at the thumbnail photos.  So, in they went to the shopping cart, with the cadmium yellow and revelry red (for my other project, which will probably need another skein to make it look complete, so I might as well get it now).

This is the SM Gold.  Love those combination of colours, almost like fall/autumn colours.

This is the Loro Barranquero.  I knew that ‘loro’ was ‘parrot’ in Spanish, so figured that these were the parrot colours.

After I finished winding up the hank into a ball, I had to try it out.  It was late at night, but I had to see how the colours would look like in a project.  This is how it came out.  I figured that a simple knit pattern would show the colours off better.

This is the reverse of the swatch.  It doesn’t look bad either.  What do you think?

I think I’ll continue with this pattern.  And I’m beginning to like chunky and bulky yarns.  They work up fast; I might even finish this cowl by the weekend.  The lace weights always have gorgeous colours, but I know it will take me forever to complete a project in lace yarn; I have enough trouble completing projects with DK and worsted weights!

And now that I’ve discovered variegated Malabrigo Chunky, I’m in big big trouble.  I’ll have to really really ration and budget my yarn spending … and Christmas sales are coming up!  *sigh*  what to do?


4 thoughts on “In Trouble Again …

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  3. The varigated yarn reminds an autumn dinner, with sophisticated red wine to drink… What a beautiful cowl it will make!

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