Food by the Foot

This is a post that has been delayed by Hurricane Sandy, and now is more relevant than ever.  Through browsing and clicking on links, I found this article on how one person can make a difference in the lives of others by giving back to others.  Coincidentally, it’s also about another Sandi.

Image courtesy of

Meet Sandi Allen.

She’s crocheting a 14,000-foot-long chain, which represents the number of children who eat from a local food bank every month.  Her goal is to finish the 14,000-foot chain by 19 November.  For every foot she chains, she’s asking the public to donate $5.  The donations will go to the food bank to help feed the families in her area for Thanksgiving.

As of today, she has completed over half of her goal (64%).  That’s about 10,000 feet.

Read all about the fundraiser on this page.

Donate to the cause by clicking here.

Let’s help her meet her goal, and feed the children.  As she says in her article, we need to set our priorities straight.  Food is a basic need, and no child should have to go hungry.

And on a crochet-related aside … she can crochet a foot every 30 seconds??  What ??  Ok, I’m taking out the stop-watch to time myself …

How fast can you crochet a foot-long chain?

Image courtesy of Sandi Allen


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