Finishing up the Old Year

A new year has began. I hope you all had a good holiday season, and wish you all the best for a safe, healthy and happy new year. In between all the travelling and work and other to-do lists, I didn’t quite get to posting much on this blog with my WIPs. But I have been busy with my WIPs and … I actually finished some of them before the old year was done! How about that! And so, here’s the first of what I got done in the last few weeks of the old year.

The Malabrigo brioche scarf in Loro Baranquerro … it’s turned out nice. Even my boys have been wearing it around the house.


I think they like the softness of the yarn.


Or maybe it was the colours.


I’m not even teasing them about wearing it around the house … Maybe they’ll wear it outside too!





One thought on “Finishing up the Old Year

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