The Christmas Scarf

With weather forecasts bringing possible winter storms and snow, I went to Walmart’s on Christmas Eve, for a quick run for grocery essentials … and sort of wandered into the yarn aisle 🙂   And was surprised to see this – Lion Brand Amazing yarn.


It’s usually not carried in this store. And it was on sale. So I just had to get three skeins of Mauna Loa.

A few hours later, I was trying out a new pattern – the Modified Linen Stitch, which I got from Ravelry.  I liked the v-stitch effects on the scarf, knitted with two contrasting colours.  Since the yarn was already multi-coloured, it didn’t quite show up the v-effect. Next time I’ll try the stitch with two different colours.


I wasn’t sure if I was doing the stitch right.  The pattern said to slip a stitch, but I didn’t know if it was to slip knit-wise or slip purl-wise.  I slipped purl-wise, and to be consistent, I continued what I was doing.


I knitted this waiting up on Christmas Eve, and continued for the next two days.  Another record for me, as I usually knit slow.  Or maybe I was enjoying learning the new stitch, that I didn’t notice how slow I was knitting.


Then I got adventurous, and decided to try knitting a hat in the same pattern.  I don’t know (yet) how to knit with the double pointed needles, so I just knitted a rectangular swatch with the pattern.  After binding off, I crocheted the two short ends together, then continued to single crochet around, decreasing at regular intervals on each row, then pulling the top together.


It turned out nicely, to my surprise. A little loose around, but that’s okay.


And so now I had a new hat and scarf set, just after Christmas.



I just need to block the edges of the cowl so it doesn’t keep curling.  Or maybe not – once it’s wound around the neck, the curling edges doesn’t bother me so much when I see it.

Now let’s see how long I can hold on to this, before somebody asks for it  🙂



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