The New Year’s Eve Scarf

The Malabrigo SM Gold – I was so excited with the colours and started another scarf while I was travelling, right after I finished the brioche scarf.  I finished it a week later, and then I didn’t like it. This is what it looked like the first time.

20130101-145310.jpg 20130101-145337.jpg

I didn’t like it because it was too long and skinny – it was down below my knees! As usual, I casted on too many stitches underestimated how much the project will fluff out once you start knitting.

And so I frogged it, and started another scarf, in the basketweave on the bias pattern (or the Not Entirely Entrelac pattern).


As I was finishing up, I decided that I wanted to make it into a cowl instead. So I had to do little bit of figuring out on how to join the zig-zag ends together.

DS2_3999 DS2_3968

Instead of decreasing on both ends, I knitted two blocks on one end, and decreased one block on the opposite end, so that both sides would line up with the pattern.


I think I did okay – that’s the join there, after I’d matched up the blocks. It’s a little puckered, but with use and wear, it’ll settle in.   I also slip-stitched around the edges, to make them a little firmer, and the points a little pointier.


This is what the other side looks like, after a crochet slip-stitch join.


And another scarf finished just in time for New Year’s Eve … and it was freezing cold weather outside.

20130101-171007.jpg 20130101-171020.jpg

And I’m really enjoying working with Malabrigo yarn.


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