RH Boutique Treasures

My SIL needed a few more skeins of Red Heart Easy Tweed in Burgundy to finish her project and asked me to look for it and purchase. Of course I had no problem with that.

I didn’t find what she needed 😦   I found lots of other new yarn, though 🙂   Well, not totally new, it’s been out for a while, but somehow I hadn’t noticed it when I would go browsing the yarn aisles.  Imagine that!

This is what I came home with. Just couldn’t resist those colours. And the softness of it.

And I had just discovered a new pattern that I wanted to try out – the Color Change Scarf from Purlbee.  But I couldn’t get the hang of it .. .the stitches and pattern didn’t want to cooperate.  Have you ever had that?  Frustrated, I frogged what I’d started and looked for another pattern.

Aha!  The Summer Shimmer Scarf !  Looked easy enough – a zigzag lace trellis pattern.  I casted on and started to knit about four rows … then decided that it wasn’t wide enough, so I frogged and casted on double the number of stitches instead.

So now I think it may be just a little too wide for a scarf.  I’ll probably join the ends together and end up with it as a cowl instead.  As I knitted back and forth, I lost a stitch or two.  More frogging, until I had 40 stitches on the needles again.  After several attempts, I was still ending up with one or two stitches less, even though I had counted the stitches as I followed the stitch pattern.  Finally, I just gave up, and continued on.


Better to be consistently wrong, than consistently changing the pattern throughout, right?   *Sigh*  I really should just follow instructions and use the correct size needles and gauge, right?

Here’s what it looks like on the other side.  The WS rows are all purl, but it has a nice lacy effect on the other side.

I do think I’ll be done with this by the weekend.  I surprise myself these days with my knitting projects.  It doesn’t seem to take as much time as before 🙂


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