Temperature Scarf

I just discovered this recently, but it seems to be all the rage.


Image courtesy of Kristen Cooper

The ‘My Year in Temperatures Scarf‘ by Kristen Cooper.  The idea is to knit – or crochet – a row every day, with a colour that corresponds to the temperature of the day.  So that’s 365 rows on this scarf.

There’s a KAL on Ravelry that I’m tempted to join. I’m still thinking that through.  I’ve already signed up for a crochet project that’s going to take some time to finish and taken on another big (hopefully) nation-wide project (more on those later, in another post), so I don’t want to start working on so many things at the beginning of the year, then fizzle out half-way through the project.

This project is a good stash-buster, a chance to use up all those scraps and lengths of left-over yarn that we don’t want to throw out because they’ll be useful for something else.  And we know that we all have those in a bag somewhere, don’t we?

At first I was thinking of using the corresponding traditional colours for temperatures – you know, yellow-orange-red for those hot summer days, blues and greys for the cold winter days, etc.   But then that would mean going out to look to purchase those specific colours, and I’m trying not to over-do the yarn budget this year (ha!)

But if I’m to use whatever is in the stash right now, will I have the same brand or weight of yarn for the colours that I want?  Or maybe use different yarn weights, it’ll make it more interesting, right?   I won’t need to use more than a skein, right?  Even if I break down the temperature in 10-degree intervals, there shouldn’t be many days within the same temperature range, right?  hmmmm …. maybe a little more planning is needed for this …

Better hurry up and make up my mind … we’re already in the second week of the year!

Anybody else doing this?

7 thoughts on “Temperature Scarf

  1. This looks like a really cool idea – I think I’m going to take a peek at my yarn stash and see if I have enough alternatives,

    hmm…maybe if I can find a site that does temperatures for the past I could make a scarf for a previous year too

    • I plan to peek at my yarn stash this weekend too, but I’ve got MIL staying in the guest room for now. I’ll have to wait till after she leaves, and then catch up with the scarf if I do decide to start one. And there are sites with temperatures from past years – I’ve seen it mentioned in some forums but if you google for it, something will come up. Try weather.com

  2. This would be a unique Birthday gift. I’m thinking of looking up the temperatures for the years the person has lived so far and the knitting/crocheting those instead of individual days. I may have to make more than one row for each year, but that would be ok. Each person would have their own, unique scarf 🙂

      • A quick Google of “record hi lo temperature year” produces some interesting results. I could simply incorporate the hi and lo record temperatures of each year according to the graph you gave, I suppose. Definitely something worth thinking more on 🙂

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