Vogue Knitting Live, NYC

So … I’ve ‘graduated’ to the next phase of being a certified yarn-o-holic/crochet-n-knit fanatic.  This is what I was up to over the weekend:  the Vogue Knitting Live event !!


After two years, I finally got a free weekend that coincided with the event – okay, it was half a weekend only, but it was better than nothing!  Plus, half-price ticket for the event.  So, need I ask myself twice if I was going to attend this?  Of course not!  So off I went to the last day of the show (Sunday).  

I had read somewhere, and heard on the floor as I walked around, that Saturday’s session was jam-packed; nobody could move.    Sunday’s session was still crowded, but I think there was considerably less people, because I was able to move around pretty good, with only minimal bumping and squeezing through people to get to the yarn. I didn’t sign up for any of the classes this year.  I just wanted to go there, walk around, look at everything, absorb everything, play with the yarn …. 

And there was so much to see and do …

Fashion shows …


… celebrity signings …


… yarn galore …


… books and magazines …


… gorgeous sweaters and accessories …


… did I mention yarn yet?


*sigh*  I’m still sorting through my pictures, but just wanted to give you all a preview.  I’ll post more photos of all that gorgeous yarn and the happenings …


Too bad I couldn’t take one of each yarn home with me!


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