VKL: Loopy Mango

As I walked around the corner, I spied this humongous chunky blanket from afar. Was it knitted? In such big, fat, round yarn? Yes. The yarn was really that big. And the knitting needles were really that huge.



Is there a crochet hook as big as this? Of course, they tell me. Digging from under the table, a crochet hook was presented to me.


I was sold. The only decision now was what type or colour of yarn to get, to try this out.


I walked around with the crochet hook while I decided on the yarn. I couldn’t get these full skeins; it was a bit too high-priced for me. These are ones I’m going to have to save up for, and buy one at a time.

DS2_4779 DS2_4784DS2_4792 DS2_4781


I finally decided on a sample ball – 45 yards. I could make one long skinny scarf with that. I would just need to crochet really loosely, so that the yardage would stretch to a good length.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to try out the giant crochet hook and yarn.  Starting with three double crochets across, I used up the yarn in less than a half hour.

20130123-161707.jpg  20130123-161717.jpg

20130123-161726.jpgI thought the scarf length a bit short, so I frogged it and started again, this time with two double crochets across.  The longer length was much better; you could loop it around your neck twice.  Justin promptly picked it up and wrapped it around his neck.  They joked that it was one big chain (which it was, essentially) and that one would probably choke with the scarf wrapped around the neck.  Silly boys.


I was already thinking that these would make for really quick and easy Christmas gifts, when I’m running out of time.  All you need is 20-30 minutes to make one of these.  And if you don’t have a crochet hook or knitting needle this size, no worries.  You can finger-chain easily enough.


Now all I need to do is start saving so I can buy enough for two or three more of these during the year.  *sigh*  So much for my yarn budget this year … It seems like I already used up all the budget and we’re only in January!

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