VKL: The Fashion Shows

I’m so behind on these posts about the Vogue Knitting Live event.  Our internet is out at home, so I’ve been trying to post from the office during my lunch hour, but you know how that goes … Anyway, here’s more of the Vogue Knitting Live adventure.


There were three fashion shows that day, but I only saw the first show in its entirety. That’s because I was looking for a place to sit down so that I could fix and sort my bags, and it happened to be the seats for the Knit Swirl Fashion show, so I just stayed there.  These were beautiful pieces, knit from the inside out, and with the variegated yarn brings out the colours.

Then I started walking around, and missed out on the second fashion show – Noro Knits – because I was on the wrong floor.  I didn’t get any good photos from that – I was at the back, and couldn’t get any good shots.

For the third one, the Vogue Knitting Fashion Show, I was on the wrong floor again, and got there halfway through the show.  At least I managed to get a good spot on the floor, and got some good shots in.

My fingers still do not itch to try to knit or crochet a sweater or dress.  Perhaps in time, there might be a sweater, cardigan or dress out there that will inspire me to actually make one. But in the meantime, I’m content to just sit on the sidelines and admire these.


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