VKL: Qiviut Yarn

I was a little dazed, walking around and seeing all these yarn in beautiful, gorgeous colours.  All those luxury yarn names that I only read about, and I could actually see and feel what it’s like.  And dream of making something with them one day.

Like this current name that I’m only now hearing about … Qivuit.


It’s supposedly softer, lighter, and warmer than any of the yarns out now, better than cashmere.  It’s from the undercoat or down of the Arctic muskox, and the most sought of fibers around the world because of its rarity, softness and warmth.  hmmm … I suppose if it keeps the Arctic muskox warm out there in almost year-round snow and cold, it should keep us humans warm as well.


Since it’s so rare, a 28 gram ball of this retails in the range of $90 a ball.  Yep, $90.  So I guess I should have picked up one ball at this discounted price?  Well, it is a blend of fibers, but I still couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for a small ball of yarn.  And with the frigid weather we’ve had all week, that would have been the test to see if it really does keep you warm!  shucks … missed that chance.


Maybe next year … for now I’ll just play with it some more.



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