Janie Crow’s Crochet Club 2013

I’m so super-excited, I’m getting impatient.

The yarn package for Janie Crow’s Crochet Club 2013 was mailed on 25 January, so it’s on the way.  Maybe I’ll get the package this week; or maybe next week.  How long does a package from the UK take to reach the US?

I signed up for the CAL (my first CAL too!) based on this picture – yep, as soon as I saw the colours, there was this click in my brain that said that I had to make this.  And signed up for it right away.


(Image courtesy of JanieCrow.co.uk)

Never mind that I had a moment of panic when I saw the membership fee (converted from UK Pounds into US dollars).  I could have cancelled … but I didn’t.  I just promised myself that there would be no more yarn-buying for the next six months – this will take the place of that.  So, all you yarn stores – no sales on yarn until the summer!

From pictures of the previous projects for the Crochet Club, this is just a piece of the design – maybe a major motif.  There are other minor pieces that go with this, to be joined together into one big beautiful blanket.  Oh, and there’s beads as well to work with!  I didn’t read anything about working with beads, but then I wasn’t really reading the fine print – I was too busy being excited about working on this project.

I’m killing three birds with one stone with this project – a motif-based project; my first crochet-a-along; and a major heirloom project.  Perfect, isn’t it?

Can’t wait to start this new adventure …



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