KVL: Yarn Heaven

So … my main reason to go to the KVL event was really for this …


This was my chance to discover new yarns, new textures, new fibers, new colours … all those name brands that I see in pictures, and read about, admiring the colourways and dreaming of what I can make with it … 


All that yarn on two floors … how I wished I could have picked up one of each and taken it home with me.  Of course, the boys would have had a heart attack if I did that.  They probably wouldn’t let me in the house with it!  

DS2_4755 LoL So many gorgeous colours – soft, warm, cuddly yarn.

And all those handpainted or dyed yarns … I definitely have to start with my own yarn dyeing so I can experiment with all those colours. DS2_5068

I think I found my colour palette for fall this year …


Do you find yourselves drawn to the same colours again and again?  I like all the colours of the rainbow and the variations in between, but there’s certain colours and combinations that my eyes come back to all the time.  I have to make a conscious decision to buy yarn in another colour, but for others, there’s no question which colour I would be buying …


*sigh*  so much yarn, so little time …


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