Sunset Scarf

I was lucky enough to see beautiful sunsets while I was in Entebbe, Uganda, last year.

This was taken on the last night that I was there, and the colours changed after every few minutes or so.

Curls and Q suggested to make a scarf in the sunset’s colours so that I would remember the sunset.  And while surfing the internet one day, I ended up on Etsy … and this yarn!

Zoe’s Pendragon, from Shalimar Yarns.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  So of course I had to get it as soon as I saw the colours!


Did they see the sunset too?  Well, it certainly saved me time from looking for the yarn.


So I had to wind it up into a ball right away.  And I still like the colours; it might just work out into a nice scarf.  I find sometimes that once I wind up the hank into a ball, the colourways don’t turn out the same, specially if the colour changes are too short.


I only bought one hank – I can’t remember now why I did that.  I hope this one ball will be enough for a good-sized scarf.  Maybe a cowl.



*sigh* … Now I have to look for the right pattern to showcase these colours!  Any ideas?


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