Chunky Blue

Remember seeing in my last post a ball of blue yarn?

It was a chunky blue yarn that I had purchased when at the Vogue Knitting Live event last month. Needing to make something after playing with all that yarn, I picked out the largest needles that I had and started knitting.


By default, it was going to be a scarf, since I only got one hank as a sample. ‘As long as it’s not another 15-ft scarf‘, said Christopher. Cheeky rascal.

I settled on the brioche stitch – more practice for me. I don’t know if my needles weren’t big enough, or my knitting tension was too tight. I tried to knit as loosely as I could, but somehow it still seemed a little too dense.


I used up all the yarn, and it ended up as a four-foot long scarf. An in-between length. So I folded it and joined the two ends together.

There! Now it’s a cowl.


Now I’m thinking that maybe I should frog it and just do a stockinette stitch …


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