NYC Hats for Hope Initiative: We’re in Business!

So excited … I got the first request for my new venture, NYC Hats for Hope Initiative.


A Rescue Mission based in Binghamton, NY, is in need of hats and scarves for homeless men referred to their residence.  There’s an ongoing need for the items, so I’ve started us off on a conservative number of 200 (100 hats, 100 scarves).  That should be manageable, since we’re just starting and with few members at this stage, I don’t want us – ok, me! – to be overwhelmed with packages coming in.

I may be a little optimistic; I don’t see much activity on the blog or on the Ravelry website.  But I have no doubt that the crafters out there will pull through, even if it is for one or two items only.


2 thoughts on “NYC Hats for Hope Initiative: We’re in Business!

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I think its great. I wanted to help by making hats and scarfs for the NYC hats for hope and also scarfs for SO project. I just have a couple of questions-can the hats for NYC be any manly color or style, or do you want just the basic cap and also the scarfs for SO, I saw the color list, do they have a particular pattern that they want or length of scarf? thank you Denise

    • Hi Denise,
      Thanks for finding us!
      The hats and scarves can be in any manly colour or style.
      For the SO scarves, it’s any knit or crochet pattern; 54-60 inches long and 6-7 inches wide.
      If you’re on Facebook or Ravelry, there’s groups set up there with the guidelines and requirements. Click on the links below.


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