National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet Month.
Does that mean I can spend the rest of the month crocheting all day?   *sigh*  How I wish I could …

Here’s what’s on my hooks right now.


I picked up the Cascade Casablanca Reds ball, and started another project  Hopeless, aren’t I?  Now I’ve added another WIP to the pile, instead of reducing it!  (Do you think I have ADHD?)

The pattern is ‘Nancy’s Waves Scarf‘, which is available on Ravelry.  You can adjust according to the yarn type, width, etc.

Oh, and this is was my photo for the CKphotoaday, which I posted about yesterday, but changed it to the Linen Stitch one at the last minute.  Go on over and join us. I’m sure we can all find something crochet or knit related for a photo!

13 thoughts on “National Crochet Month

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  5. Your version of this pattern, I way prefer to the one on Ravelry. Your waves are not “exact” as in the picture on the Ravelry pattern. Yours is more asthetically pleasing to me. I would want mine to turn out looking like your version!

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