2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

The 2014 SO Scarf Project has concluded.

Please join us for the 2015 SO Scarf Project


We’re still wrapping up the 2013 Special Olympics Scarf Project – the last deadline is for Utah on 8 March 2013 – but we’re up and running with the 2014 project.

Scarves made for 2013 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Scarves made for 2013 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Three states – Arkansa, Ohio, and Oklahoma – continued their goal and project to the 2014 games.  Three states – Delaware, Iowa and Tennessee – have decided their colours for the 2014 games.

Here are the details we have for the five states that we can start working on.  Additional info can be found on the FB or the Ravelry pages. 

Colours:   RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Grey Heather (0400)
Goal:   535 scarves
Received:  97
Deadline:   24 January 2014
Send to:  Special Olympics Arkansas
                Attn:  Scarf Project
                946 E. Boswell St.
                Batesville, AR  72501


Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black (0312)  or   RH Soft Cherry Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (5142) and Black (4614) or RH Super Soft Really Red (9925) and Black (414)
Goal:  100 scarves:
Deadline:  24 January 2014
Send to:   Special Olympics Delaware
Attn:  Scarf Project
619 South College Avenue
Newark, DE  19716

Colours:   RH SS Grey Heater (0400) and Dark Orchid (0776)
Goal:        800 – scarves, hats, headbands, ear-muffs
Deadline:  1 November 2013 – or until goal is reached
Send to:   Special Olympics Iowa
                Attn:  Scarf Project
                PO Box 620
                Grimes, IA  50111
website:   www.soiowa.org

Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Grey Heather (0400)
Goal:       350 scarves
Received:  150
Deadline:  1 February 2014
Send to:  Special Olympics Ohio
              Attn:  Scarf Project
              3303 Winchester Pike
              Columbus, OH  43232

OKLAHOMA   – has decided to discontinue the 2014 project as of 4 November 2013
Colours:  RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black (0312)
Goal:       1,812 scarves
Deadline:   30 December 2013
Send to:   Scarf Project
               1709 Rain Tree Lane
                Choctaw, OK  73020

Colours:  RH Cherry Red (0319) and White (0311)
Goal:  200 headbands
Deadline:  15 December 2013
Send to:  Special Olympics Tennesse
Attn:  Scarf Project
900 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

Come on over and join us. 


12 thoughts on “2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

  1. I’d like to sign my class up to participate. I’m a special education teacher from NJ. For the past two years my class has taken a field trip to events held near us. Last year we made scarves and handed them out to athletes. I don’t see NJ listed.iI’ love for some help in how I sign up and inform someone of our colors and totals made. Thanks

    • Hi Jenn,
      About your colours and totals made – Did you make scarves for this year, or for last year?
      SONJ chose not to participate this year, due to other commitments they had.
      It is up to the state program to decide whether they want to participate in the project or not. I will be in touch with them again to find out if they want to continue the project. If they choose to participate, then I will be posting about the colours that they have selected for the scarves, and other information.
      Thanks for your support.

      • Thanks for you response. We made them last year but have it made them this year. It was just one thing special I had my class do. I’d still like to if possible. We don’t make many but he few we do are made with a lot of heart.

        • You will surely have a chance to participate again this year (for 2015 games), if SONJ decides to pick up the project again. If not, then you can consider making scarves for another participating state. So far for 2015, SO Arkansas and SO Tennessee have already chosen their colour. Details are up on the 2015 SO page. Thanks.

  2. I just now found you. I can’t seem to find your Face book page. I am an internet knit wit. Please send me more information. For now I just reblog and share over the social medias.

    • Hello. The Facebook page for the Scarf Project is part of the group ‘Knit and Crochet for a Cause’. There is a link on the right side bar that will take you to that page.
      Thanks very much for your support.

  3. Hello,

    I make scarfs using a loom would that be ok? I am 52 and I am on disability so I started to loom so far I made a baby blanket and I am making scraf for my daughters.

    Been home on oxygen 24/7 is not easy. I go out but I spend a lot of time at home.

    This would help me not be so depress about my situation. I would to help if looming is ok. It does not matter which state. I would love to help my state Maryland but I do not see it on the list.

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Thank you,
    Mirtha Stadlet

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