When Inspiration Hits

… Or impulsiveness ?

Mikey’s Crochet Afghan Club is having an Octagon and Squares Afghan challenge, based on a Red Heart pattern.

It ends in five days.  And I told myself when it started that I wouldn’t have time to work on this, because I had so many things going on.  And yet, as I looked through the postings of the completed afghans, I wanted to jump in and make one as well.


And so two nights ago, I started pulling out whatever yarn I had to mix and match colours.  


And started making center motifs, with a vague idea of what I wanted it to look like. 


I completed a square, which wasn’t looking too bad, with the colour choices that I finally decided on. 


I quickly completed two octagons and then joined them together to see how it would work.


Hmmm … not sure I’m liking this combination or colour sequence.   What do you think?

But I can’t switch it all around now, I’ll run out of time and probably yarn.  Perhaps when everything is put together and all done, it  will look better.  It’s not a judging competition, anyway; the winner is going to be picked by a random number.  So I can always plan the colours and pattern for the next one …

Will I finish this in time for the deadline next Wednesday, the 20th?  Stay tuned …


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