Impulsiveness Won

This is how far I got with my Octagons and Squares Throw challenge.

I finished all the motifs … but not the borders … at past 11 pm. 


I miscalculated how much time I would need to add the borders then put them all together.  

So, knowing that I wouldn’t finish it in time for the deadline, I went to bed to get some sleep.  It won’t be entered in the giveaway, but it’ll be included in the collection.  It was a good try, to get this done in six days.  I got close, but working on it for a couple hours a day doesn’t make it finish fast 😦


I’ll finish putting it all together this weekend … oh wait, we’ve got more soccer tournaments …. *sigh* … I’ll squeeze it in, anyway.


One thought on “Impulsiveness Won

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