Deep Ocean Stormy Waves

I had so much fun with the last challenge over at The Crochet Crowd, so I decided that I would also do the next one – the Ocean Waves Afghan. I didn’t want to join any CALs before, because I knew that there was every probability that something would distract me, and then I would fall behind, and then pretty soon, everybody else would be too far ahead to catch up, and I would finish the CAL long after everybody. But these challenges seem doable to me … or maybe I’ve just gotten better at crocheting and time management.

I needed two skeins of 7- oz RH Super Saver yarn in five colours, so I looked through my stash and pulled out all the colours that I had of at least 14 oz. Luckily, I had Caron and Red Heart One-Pounders.

These are the colours that I came up with. Putting it together, I thought that it was a little dark. Spying the Real Teal, I included that in the sequence. Then I thought maybe an Aran to break the colours up a bit. Going through another storage box, I came up with Caron Green Jeweltones. So I threw that in as well.


I didn’t know how these colours would look like, so I crocheted a swatch. Yep, couldn’t believe that I was crocheting a swatch either. But I did, and showed it to the boys. After much thought and twisting and turning, they declared that yes, it was a good colour combination. They also told me to make the size for a twin bed, not a throw.

I’m still not sure if I like the colours together. I think the teal and the green jeweltones is throwing me off a bit, but it breaks up the dark colours. I crocheted only one line of the aran, because then I thought it was too bright, and there would be too much white in between.


Anyway, guess we’ll see how it looks like in the end. For now, I’m plowing through the rows. It’s taking me close to 20 minutes to finish one row, for a twin size. Once you get the correct count for the first few rows, then you should be okay with the rest, and you won’t have to keep counting. It’s an easy pattern to memorize – one row, dc in back loops; next row, dc in both loops.

But every once in a while, I seem to add another chain or two to the row, and suddenly I’m off the pattern count. Then I have to look through the row, maybe I missed out on a stitch, or something.

Well, I have about 100 more rows to go. Hope to get some more rows done this weekend.

Next CAL I join will be in bright, neon colours. I’m already planning it … neon pinks, greens, yellows, blues, purples ….



11 thoughts on “Deep Ocean Stormy Waves

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    • Thanks very much! I don’t do many ripples because I’m always adding stitches and ripples where there shouldn’t be, but this pattern is working out well for me.

  2. I love your colors together! I think the teal adds another blue dimension, like the different shades of blue in the ocean. I did the Octagon & Square Throw (not as the challenge, just on my own) but decided I would do the Ocean Waves one another time. I just have too many crochet irons in the fire right now! 😉

    • Thank you! I was also thinking that the teal would add to the blue, but when I finally saw the sequence, I was a bit doubtful. I also plan to make another Octagon & Square Throw, in a different colour combination, but as you say … too many on the fire right now for me as well!

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