The Search for the NYC-HHI Hat

My latest brain wave … So I’m actually going to try to ‘officially’ design a hat for the group …
What do you think?

NYC Hats for Hope Initiative

I’ve been thinking … I think that we should have our own NYC-HHI hat design.
What do you think?

At first I was thinking it should be a particular colour, but then it would be all different patterns, and I didn’t think that would help identify the group. So I think that one design, even if worked in different colours, would be a better way to identify or represent the group.

We can still make hats in other designs. But it would be nice to also have one specific hat design for the group.

I’m working on some designs, and will post the finished hat for you to have a look and vote on what you think should be the NYC-HHI Hat. It’s going to be a simple design that can be either knit or crochet, and look the same (or as similar as it can be).

Here’s our first…

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