The NYC-HHI Hat Choices

Here’s the designs I’ve come up with. Just simple designs that would be doable in either knit or crochet. What do you think?

NYC Hats for Hope Initiative

Here are the designs I’ve come up with to represent the NYC-HHI Hat.

I wanted a design that would look good worked with one colour, two colours, or in variegated yarn.  I also wanted some texture in the design, which would come out well when worked in one colour.  I also wanted designs that would be similar in crochet or knit versions.

These are all crocheted hats.  I crochet faster than I knit, and I wanted to get something up fast.  These designs will convert well into knit versions.  I’ll work on the knit version of the chosen hat (for the pattern) and post that later.

For colours, I’m thinking to make teal (or the teal family) the official NYC-HHI hat colour.  I can’t think of any other colours that would be suitable for men, women and children.  I would have chosen purple or amethyst, but that colour is taken…

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