Bright Enough?

So … I lost the hook yesterday that I was using for the Wool Eater Motif CAL and stopped by A.C.Moore today to get a replacement.  Just to look for a hook to replace the lost one.

Well … guess what else I saw there?  Bright, neon yarn, from the Deborah Norville Collection!  I had to get one of each color!


Of course I had to try it out right away.  It’s in the same colours as the CAL in RH Luster Sheen that I’m already working on, except these are so bright and vivid!  As you see, I’m now an expert in the first two rounds of the CAL … that’s all I’ve been doing during the weekend.

They didn’t have a white, so I’m still debating which colour I’m going to use for the joining round.  I’ll think about that later, after I finish playing with these.  And yes, I am still going to continue with the ones I’ve started on.  Doing too much again, aren’t I?  *sigh*




4 thoughts on “Bright Enough?

  1. I was thinking an off white also – not quite taupe – more creamy. And then again, for some reason – a shade of gray also went through my mind!

    Linda in VA

    • Grey? LoL yes that’s the next trend I think but I can’t picture it with neon. I like the cream, I’ll have a look if they make that color.

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