Special Olympics Scarf Project 2014: Indiana and South Dakota

Two more states are participating in the scarf project for the 2014 games.




Red Heart Super Saver – 387 Soft Navy
Red Heart Super Saver – 319 Cherry Red
Red Heart Super Saver – 311 White
Red Heart Soft – 4004 Navy
Red Heart Soft – 9925 Really Red
Red Heart Soft – 4600 White

Goal:  1,000 scarves
Deadline:  31 January 2014


Colours:  Blue and Orange
Goal:   800 scarves
Deadline:   20 February 2014

SO South Dakota has chosen the Denver Broncos blue and orange.  So there’s no specific yarn brand; just any brand that closely matches the Denver Broncos colours.  On the Red Heart and Caron websites, the closest colours that I see are RH Navy Blue and Caron Orange.   RH also has a Team Spirit in blue and orange.  orange navy team spirit

Red Heart also has four of this year’s scarf combinations:  Red/White; Red/Grey; Red/Black; Orange/Navy.   They also have a Red/Blue; combine it with a White, which you can use for SO Indiana’s colours.

This brings the total participating states to ten.  yaaayyy!  More states will be joining in the project, once they decide on their colours.

Details can be found on the Special Olympics Scarf Project page.


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