Inspiration Hits after Midnight

Feeling restless the other night, instead of going to bed and trying to sleep, I picked up hook and yarn and started crocheting a baby blanket that was supposed to have been done for a baby shower in the spring, but now will have to be a Christmas gift!  Or any other day gift 🙂   So now, I have another WIP to add to the pile!

The good thing is I finally started this; the bad thing is I (still) didn’t get enough sleep … oh well.


Watching television, I came across this interview of Tim Allen, and my eyes focused on the hat he was wearing.


My boys probably thought me crazy, taking pictures of the tv screen.  This is a straw hat, but I’m sure this can re-created as a crocheted hat.


Here’s what the top looks like.  I definitely think this hat is doable in tapestry crochet.   Something else to add to the list.


What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Hits after Midnight

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