Remember this?



And this?


I picked it up finally to work on the third and joining round to see if I could make some progress on it, and it just wouldn’t work out according to the pattern and the photos.  I enlarged the photos to see if I could figure out why not, and had a sneaking suspicion that I had mis-read the pattern instructions.

So I went back to step one and read the instructions over, and sure enough … I was working too many stitches in the second round.   Aaarrghhhh!!!

So now I’m frogging the second round, and working on it again, this time with the correct number of stitches.  Guess I’m not making much progress with this CAL 😦

Lesson learned …. maybe it’s worth making a complete set of the motif pattern, before working on so many motifs first.


7 thoughts on “Frogging!!

    • Yes, that’s the wool eater, or Bavarian crochet. I was just playing around with the neon colours and then I added the regular/muted colours of the same shade.

      • You know I would think that I would be decent at picking colors for myself since I took color theory in college but I get baffled at the store and especially online. How do you choose your colors? I’m very curious.

        • LoL I used to be the same and stuck to primary and monochromatic colours in the beginning. Then got bored and branched out to complimentary colours. Now it’s whatever colours that catches my eyes. It’s why I love variegated yarns, I don’t have to think too much about colour combos!

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