October Frogging


It’s October already! Wasn’t it just September? It was in the back of my mind everyday that I had to post something, but then … what?

There was other stuff to do … we had a full house, with guests coming in and out … illness in the family …

I stepped out the front door one morning and was met with a cool breeze in my face … and I had a brief panic attack.  It hit me that the cold winds were blowing in soon and that we were in September already and that I had to really get started working on the winter items …

In a frenzy, I pulled out yarn and WIPs and started working on something … anything …

I was going good on this WIP, then ran out of yarn …. So now it’s still a WIP, sitting in my project bag … Can’t decide yet whether to buy another skein of the yarn, or just frog the last row …



My sister asked for a scarf/cowl in purple and I found this nice Malabrigo Jacinto … started a brioche pattern with it, lost my concentration and then it wasn’t looking right any more, and the sides not coming out straight.  I’ve frogged it and rewound the skeins, and they’re waiting for me for my next inspiration.


I finally found the RH Black Light colour, and started to make a hat.  It started out well, then the crown wouldn’t shape down, and it ended up so big, it was bigger than a chef’s hat … That too was frogged … waiting for the next inspiration.




Maybe I should take a break for now … get a good night’s sleep … Then maybe the patterns will fall into place and they’ll turn out right …

What do you think?

Good weekend, all.



6 thoughts on “October Frogging

    • I know, that’s why I’m still undecided. I’ll be left with a long long piece of left-over yarn if I frog. Somebody suggested maybe make a flower out of the extra yarn, but not sure that will work out with finished item.

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