Purples Columns

A flash of inspiration and it’s finally working out ….


My sister had asked for a purple cowl, so I had started to make one, with a beautiful Malabrigo Jacinto.   
20131004-135232.jpgBut I didn’t like how it was turning out, so it was frogged and the yarn rewound for another inspiration. 

Then I found a Cascade Italian Plum … a deeper purple, which is actually more to my sister’s liking.   


And then of course the search for the right pattern for it.  I wanted a bit of a lacy effect, because I found it too dark for dense stitches.  I ended up with a variation of the brioche stitch.  Casting on an odd number (I casted on 35 for this cowl), I just knitted one, yo, k2 together all the way to the end.  Knit the last two stitches together.  Turn, and repeat the same row.  That’s it.

I thought that the rows would produce a honeycomb-like effect, but it came out as columns instead.  It wasn’t looking bad, anyway, so I’m continuing with the pattern.  This has come out with a nubby effect, which has a nice feel to it, so I’m imagining that would feel nice as well when worn around your neck.




And lessons learned as well … the right size needle for the yarn weight and type does make a difference.  And it helps that the pattern suits the yarn as well.

Happy knitting, all !




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