The Colour of Snowflakes

I had seen this pattern in the summer, and filed it away as a future WIP.  But then The Crochet Crowd picked it up as one of their challenges, and I thought ok, maybe I should join since it was also on my to-do list.  But then, I said that I had too many WIPs and I really didn’t need another one to add to the pile, so I passed it over.

Until I saw photos of the completed throws, and again, I wanted to join in … and so I picked up hook and yarn just to try out the pattern ….

icy snowflake1

‘Oh, that looks cool,’ said Justin.


‘Yeah, you should do it in light blue, because that’s the colour of snowflakes.’

Hmmm …. I like that … the colour of snowflakes.  A lighter blue sounds good too, but this was the blue that I could lay my hands on at the moment.

‘I’m sure you have a light blue somewhere in a box up in the attic’, said Justin.

I probably did, but nobody wanted to go up in the attic for me … *sigh*  Maybe during the weekend … or else a quick run to the craft store for one skein of lighter blue …

So … nothing inspires me more than one of the boys giving their stamp of approval, their endorsement, their go-ahead.  It’s not often that they really really  like something that I’m working on.  I’ll ask them what they think of my current WIP, and they’ll look over and say ‘Good’, or ‘OK’, but you know that they’re not really seeing it.

And so another WIP is added to the pile.  But I think this one will work up fast, and might just be finished in time for Christmas …

icy snowflake2


2 thoughts on “The Colour of Snowflakes

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