Snow Is on the Way

So … the snow is coming our way because I’m making snowflakes?  LoL .. I’m already tired and it’s not even the middle of the week yet!  Wait .. maybe I should be home instead making snowflakes.

These are the squares for the challenge from The Crochet Crowd, that I had posted about before.  Sorry about the poor picture quality, but the only times I can work on my WIPs is at night, and the camera phone is so much easier and convenient to take quick pictures with.

I made the first two in solid blue (royal and navy blue) – that’s the two on the left side.

Then, because my brain was whizzing all around, I thought maybe it would look good with variegated yarn to outline the snowflakes, then a dark blue border.  That’s the second and third squares on the second row.  I picked up what I had on hand, which was a sort of grey-blue combination.


Not feeling entirely satisfied with that, I went to Michael’s for a quick trip and bought two skeins of Dusk Ombres.  Those are the three on the first row, and the one on the bottom right on the second row.   The boys liked that better, so I guess that’s what I’m sticking with to complete the afghan.

I hope I don’t have any other inspirations that will distract me from completing these … like maybe I can use the variegated yarn to make the snowflakes, then use the white around it?  hmmmm ….

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Snow Is on the Way

  1. I like the squares but have to wonder if they are joined or just laid out next to each other? I could not just do a comment as the site would not let me, I also do not face a book or tweet or act like a twat. Online is a last resort for me as I hate it!


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