Icy Showflakes

Our sub-freezing, frigid, colder than cold weather continues …

We got about six inches of snow over the weekend.  I know – it’s not as much as what those in the mid-west have been experiencing recently, and normally I wouldn’t mind all that snow.  But paired with the freezing cold winds, it wasn’t a good weekend to be out and about, so I stayed inside.

I finally took out yarn and WIPs in the afternoon to settle down for uninterrupted crocheting.  Justin had friends staying over, so I knew that they would be busy downstairs.  I took out the Icy Snowflakes challenge to continue working on it, and then my musings had another brainstorm on the design.  The boys wanted the throw to be blue and white – the colour of snowflakes, they said, so I used various shades of blue for something different.  My mind has been going round and round on the placement of the squares, but  instead came up with another colour design for the squares.

And this is what I came up with …




So now I have three different colour versions of the squares to play around with  …


It’s coming along pretty good … I’m running out of these colours, though, so I’ll need to make a trip to the yarn store … Yes, even if it’s cold, sub-freezing weather!


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