Crafty 2013 in Review

So … I had a brainwave as I browsed through Ravelry and Pinterest, and thinking of new projects to start and new stitches to experiment and try out … and reading everywhere of what went on in 2013 and what’s to happen in 2014.

Which got me thinking of what did I actually finish in 2013?  It didn’t seem like much.  I know I started up tons of projects, and there’s tons of WIPs in every room in the house.  But I must have finished some items, right?

So I looked through the blog , where I knew that I had posted on starting new projects, and looked through the photo archives.  So, here’s what I accomplished in 2013 …

This, the Red Waves Cowl, was (and still is), the most popular post of 2013, thanks to Pinterest.

This is my favourite, though.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning and knitting the Linen Stitch, although surprisingly, I haven’t made anything else with that stitch.  hmmm…. must remedy that this year.  I also love this colour combination, and that’s why knitting the Linen Stitch was so enjoyable.

And continuing with the cowl theme, here’s others that I finished making last year.  Yes, that yellow one is about 15 feet long …

My new yarn ‘discovery’ was Malabrigo, which remains a favourite to work with.

This year, I participated in a few crochet-a-longs and challenges.  No, I didn’t finish the crochet-a-longs (yet).  And I got tired of one afghan challenge, which I haven’t picked up again.  I might continue it this year.  But I did finish two!  yaaayy!!

And then, of course, hats.  Hats are my go-to quick projects, for instant gratification, to try out new yarns and colourways, to use up those scraps of yarn … and the finished product goes into the box for my personal cause – NYC Hats for Hope Initiative.  I was looking for a hat to represent the group, so these were the hat samples that I had whipped up.  It’s all crocheted – because I crochet faster than I knit, and it would have taken me forever to finish knitting a hat.  But I’m sure there’s a knitted equivalent to all these hat patterns.  They’re all basic stitches.

The only non-fiber related craft I tried this year was flower-dyeing.  They didn’t turn out too bad the first time.  I tried a second time, and they didn’t come out as nice as these.  😦   Maybe this year …

And there you have my crafty 2013.  Looks like a lot after all, when put together like this.  There were other finished objects that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of before they were given away.  These aren’t as many as others that I’ve seen finish in a year.  That’s okay … I have all this year to make more …

Have a yarny and crafty year, everybody!

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